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What happened to Kellogg's?

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There is a famous story about Kellogg’s during the Great Depression.  

While Kellogg’s cereal competitors did the predictable thing and cut back expenses as the economic crisis worsened, Kellogg doubled their spending on ads and even went aggressively into radio ads.  

While many of their competitors eventually shut up shop, Kellogg’s increased their profit by 30% and remains one of the most formidable brands in their market to this day.  


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This Is How We Are In The Real Estate Market

In Real Estate for us, thus far, we haven’t been affected as much as a lot of other businesses and other industries.  

We’ve kept our doors open, operated business almost as normal except for the social distancing rules, and ramped up our Business Development. We have followed in Kellogg’s footsteps and have doubled even tripled what we would normally do for business development, advertising, and marketing to bring more sales and business in, and cement our brands’ reputation in our market.  

Business development is crucial to the continued, long-term success of any business at any time, crisis or not. Real Estate and Property Management, in particular, have evolved a lot since the early days of our business.  

This is a big market and you, as an investor, can’t be out of it.  

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